HI! Its me JULIE writing.

Sooooooo…Not to Lez it out too much but I need to vent my lesbionic rage here, and since we’re all family n shit….Where else would be better??!!   So, this new show ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK has been touted on all the Lez sites and everyone is going on and on and on and on about this damn show. I, of course wanted to rebel and not watch one second of it in some sort of –  I stand alone rebellion and don’t tell me what to do stubborn lezness – and more importantly – how could I not even get an audition for this !? ( hand to chest – mouth a gape)  I’m so insulted. but let’s put petty, jealousy aside 🙂

I gotta watch – I mean, everyone keeps saying theres all this hot lezaction and its women in PRISON for gods sake!  But I stayed away as long as I could and then broke down.  Brandy and I hunkered down to watch the entire series on netflix in one viewing with a bowl of salad, toll house cookies, and a vile of pills.  ( we thought we would review it for IN YOUR BOX OFFICE)  We took our negative energy, washed it down with a pain killer (s) and hunkered down, and you know what? I WAS FUCKING RIGHT! This show is a piece of fucking shit.  I AM so ANNOYED!  I’m still in such an annoyed state I couldnt articulate my thoughts clearly so I hijacked a review I found and want to thank you BRIGET for summing up all my feelings in this wonderfully crafted review which is 100 times better than the entire series and wish we could make the review into a new series.  ( I know I have bad grammar – deal with it) harumph.  stomp, stomp, stomp.  I am so disappointed and bummed out that the one thing with lesbians,  in it AGAIN is terrible. I could forgive every cliche, tired stereotype and shitty acting if any of it was FUNNY or DRAMATIC or STOOD FOR SOMETHING, except cliches, tired sterotypes and shitty acting.  stomp, stomp, stomp





“This show commodifies lesbianism in the worst, most misogynistic ways– by using it as an “edgy” selling point to tip the show from drama to soap opera. It’s full of hackneyed tropes: until I leave all girls school lesbian (Lorna), fat butch lesbian (Big Boo), desirable waifish femme lesbian (Mercy, Lorna), couture European lesbian (Alex), the Stud (Nicky, Big Boo), and of course, Piper the hasbian who I guess just can’t be a bisexual because she fell in monogamous love with a man. (Even though who she’s with has NOTHING to do with whether she’s bisexual, but there’s the myth of the “hasbian” for you). As with the characters of color, these demographic tropes play a huge role in presumed pre-developed characters that settle into the issued stereotypes like a foundation, rather than defying them. Piper’s “former gayness” authenticates queerness for the straight population in the same way her whiteness does w/regard to POC criminalization. Piper is less of an “other” in mainstream America’s eyes & the show admits it, but then plays on it. The show commodifies POCs and queers and, it commodifies them in the SAME way, with the voyeuristic titillating spectacle of “lesbian sex” and hype of “black and latino violence”. With less packaging, you could see the same thing on “bum fights” or “girls gone wild”, both filmed and perpetuated for the entertainment of privileged, ignorant, straight white men. The show doesn’t really even attempt a simple role reversal where racial minorities are represented as queer and the white inmates are represented as violent– it’d still be a token effort, but nope, not even that. I watched this series trying to reconcile it, trying to decide whether I liked it or not because hey, a queer, woman and POC dominated cast, but in the end I realize that it’s *about* us, not *for* us.” ~Bridget



We trashed the idea of reviewing this for IYBO because it seems we are in the minority with our hatred and didnt want to waste our minty breathe and precious time.