TURNT UP: Xander-The Look (Eddie Martinez Remix)

This track is truly reaching LEGENDARY Bitch Track status as the years go by and the remixes KEEP COMING!


This time it’s a cuntastic version from the powerhouse DJ Eddie Martinez.

Get IN because the remix is MUUUUUCH GURL!

TURNT UP: Adam George – New Eyes (Equality Song)

I was just followed by Aussie Singer/Songwriter Adam George on the twitterverse and being a fan of a man with 2 first names I decided to check out his music. I happened upon his laid back and soothing reggae flavored song about equality. He sounds good and he’s not too hard on the eyes either! ūüėČ


A reggae song about being gay. Kind of genius in my opinion! Whatcha think?

TURNT UP: Hannah Holland – Live It ft. Xander

Get into this track from UK DJ/Producer Hannah Holland that I’ve heard buzzing around at all of the hottest parties in NYC featuring the voice of one of fav legendary children, XANDER! You may have seen Miss Xander in the Music Video for “Gayest Of All Time” or know him from his cuntastic bitch tracks like “The Look” or “Go Home (You’re Not Getting In)”.

Givin’ me old school house vibes 4 ya nerves!

There’s also some great remixes from House of Stank and Carry Nation to get into as well.


TURNT UP: Autumn Ratchetness-DJ Gay Pimp at Atlas Social Club NYC


DJ Gay Pimp (aka Yer Gay Pimp Daddy, aka Uncle Gay, aka Jonny McGovern) has just released a new live DJ Set from the OUT 100 Afterparty where he played this past Thursday in NYC. I was there to witness the ratchetness live in person. It was quite the kiki but in case you weren’t around to hear it…check her out on soundcloud now!

Are you twerking yet?

Sang It!: Patti Labelle is a SHOWSTOPPER! “Isn’t It A Shame” LIVE

“Isn’t It A Shame” is one of my favorite Labelle songs and until today I didn’t realize that it was the last song the group recorded together (at the time of this taping and before their auto-tuned comeback that wasn’t so show stopping in my opinion)…but none the less this truly IS a show stopping performance.

For those of you who were at Gayest Weekend Of All Time, you might remember me rolling around on the floor while sangin’ my black lady riffs to the greatest of my white soul hummingbird chirpability but here is the master of taking it to the floor for you in true show stopping style.

She definitely rolled a few more times than I did on that stage and THAT is why PATTI LABELLE IS A SHOWSTOPPER!


Lest We Forget: Luscious Jackson

Luscious Jackson Portrait SessionI am twenty-nine years old. According to Icona Pop, this means that I am in fact a¬†nineties chick.¬†(**Late nineties, thank you very much…**) ¬†As a tween with no strong gay male role model to look to during the era, I totally lezzed out…. hardcore. ¬†I begged for Lilith Fair tickets (never got ’em), I parted my mushroom cut in the middle and colored it with a stunning “sun in”/food dye combo, I wore a XXL Charlie’s Angels ringer tee nearly every day, and I was super into witchcraft (**I bind you Nancy…. blah, blah, blah**).

All that being said, it’s a wonder that I forgot about Luscious Jackson!

This grrrl group of Beastie Boys portages had a serious moment at the latter end of the decade, releasing four leztacular albums between 1993 and 2000. “Here,” “Naked Eye,” and “Ladyfingers,” were kinda huge hits, remember? (**Fuck! Ladyfingers! That’s right!**) Suddenly, Melissa and K.D. had competition…. competition which was actually cool and culturally relevant.

imagesWell, my fellow alt rock children, rejoice! Luscious Jackson is back after a fourteen year hiatus! ¬†(**HUZZAH!**) ¬†They may have babies and life partners this time around, but the women still know how to turn out a track. ¬†Their new album is called MAGIC HOUR. ¬†Check out the just released video for the brand new single “Show Us What You Got” below. ¬†We’ve missed you Luscious Jackson. ¬†You’re always welcome here.

Young queens, more Luscious Jackson after the jump Continue reading

TURNT UP: The Cucarachas – Spread

The Cucarachas are at it again! Serving us with some beats that will tern you lovely!

Who doesn’t enjoy a music video consisting mostly of shots of a man in his underwear and a bear mask? Certainly The Gayest Of All Time!

Get into The Cucarachas cunty new track and music video for “Spread”.

Bears in the woods…How DO they come up with this stuff? ūüėČ

TURNT UP: Britney Spears – Toxic (Bossa Nova Version)

With this hot and sticky weather in NYC it feels like I’m vacationing in South America or something….so this seemed appropriate for this morning…

Britney really captures that unmistakable Bossa Swing, don’t you agree?


Julie and I watched the VMAs at Jonny’s house. He made Barefoot Contessa lasagna and we drank wine.

We talked shit about celebrities and we mused about GaGa’s subtle (and beautiful) face work. The night ended as any other night and we all went our separate ways.

I thought everything was normal until hours went by and all I could think about was having sex. With a primate. Thanks to Bruno Mars.


His live performance at the VMAs made me want to have straight sex with a straight gorilla.



But the official video for the song makes me want to have gay sex with a gay gorilla.



I can’t decide which one I want more (or first) but this gorilla will be mine. And until it is- I will watch both of these youtube videos every day. 5 times a day.


Hey Lesbians, Meet Your New Crush: Julia Monk


Full disclosure: Julia Monk is my sister-in-law. ¬†More full disclosure: She’s so brilliant, I’d still write about her if she wasn’t.

NYC born and raised Julia Monk’s new EP, “June Bug,” is the stuff lesbian hipster dreams are made of. Folky, indie, and angsty pop-rock; Miss Monk lets you and her exes HAVE IT¬†on her lyrically and musically strong debut, available HERE on Band Camp for the low low price of “whatever.” G’head, lesbro. ¬†G’head, sensitive homo. ¬†Take a listen. ¬†Tell her Pepper sent you…. (**”Pepper” is what we call each other sometimes…… ok, all the time…..**)