Here’s the deal.  ( This is  JULIE writing)

This White, bigot, duck murderer, woman neglecter, and all around shitty human being Phil Fuck Face Duck Dynasty whatever his name is – got on the airwaves and said he hates faggots and thinks were gonna burn in hell along with whores and more faggots. So – basically he uses the bible to hate on gays and women and justifies his deplorable behavior with the word of god.  This guy and his family are THE MOST WATCHED REALITY SHOW on television. They are BELOVED. They have merchandise at Walmart and Target and gas stations around the country.  Unless you’re a communist, pinko, faggot duck you love these assholes.   Fine.

But, You know what?  You’re allowed to love them, cause we live in ‘Merica.  (Fist in the air) USA USA USA! Chant Chant. Rape Rape.  But EVERYONE is going crazy! Get these haters off the air, how dare? How offensive!  Completely inappropriate! This will not be tolerated! Clutch my politically correct pearls!   And the debate rages – Does hate speech constitute free speech? Should television enable hateful, grotesque, ignorance?  What does it all mean? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

The truth is – this isn’t a free speech issue, it’s a freedom of being able to feel hate and feel disgust and use religion, and be an idiot.  He has and is entitled to all of those freedoms.  It may hurt me to see and read and hear those things, but at the end of the day I hate him as much as he hates me and we are both allowed to have our feelings without the other getting the other fired from their stupid show.  Also – ‘Merica – and A & E you need to take responsibility for who you put on a pedestal.  Phil “Asshole, douche thrower of turtles aggressively into the lake” is America’s sweetheart with all his hate and all his bigotry, and all his dirty, disgusting beard.   I mean, look at everything I just said.  I used hateful, hateful, horrible speech and I am grateful for every word I am free to feel and free to say.  (And trust. I mean it)

The crime isn’t this asshole’s ignorance, it’s the powers that be and the audience that held him and all of his shitty kin in high esteem and then turned their backs and became hypocrites.

I find it more abhorrent that A and E pretended to suspend them, and wouldn’t support what they fully knew and what we all fully know to be the truth than every single thing that fills his heart and his empty cock of a head.

This also goes for Evander Holyfield who apparently in a private conversation thinks being gay is a choice and is super gross. He is totally repulsed by gays.   He was then chastised by some British, tool producer, saying they couldn’t have him continue on the show if he spewed such offensive opinions.

I’m sorry to tell you, but the guy has the right to his opinions in the same manner as I do. I think straight men are utterly repulsive and have literally ruined the earth.  IS that any better? Any worse?  Perhaps I should look at that and ask myself to ponder what my personal issues are before saying such ignorant and black and white statements. Maybe he should too, but does that make him sone kind of criminal? Some sort of Television Pariah?

And for the record – watching this video of this guy – this host – who begins discussing Evander Holyfield at 7 mins. made me feel so sad, and so hurt  and so bummed out, but I have to and we have to agree that he also has the right to feel the way he does and be able to express it.  He couches his bigotry in the feeling that racism is acceptable but hating gays isn’t – he feels slighted. He cant possibly understand why people can be racist and get away with it, but we’re allowing people to stop hating on Gays and calling hateful speech a Hate Crime” when the KKK can put on parades and marches.  That in and of itself is twisted and sad.


Gays don’t have a corner on hate crimes.   But if you want to compare them – I guarantee the KKK would never get a network television show – they keep racism much more under cover than that.  But again, this isn’t a contest on who gets shit on, just turn the TV on and watch 3 shows, you’ll get all your racism, sexism, and homophobia you need for the day. Maybe if we all agreed – it’s all shitty – Shitty for one, Shitty for all, we’d all get along better.

Again, Evander Holyfield, a beloved, American personality, and everyone is freaking out that he said all that? Why are you pretending to be shocked? And offended?  I wouldve been shocked had he said the opposite.  He has the right to have a conversation and have a thought and a feeling that may be repulsive to you. AND lets be honest British tool producer – you probably feel the same and just don’t have the fucking balls to say it outloud while youre at work.  They were having a conversation and the woman he was speaking with disagreed with him, and why shouldn’t we hear that?  Its life, and its real and it probably was one of the only actual, authentic, real things to happen to reality TV in years

We don’t all need to like everything that we all feel and say. At the end of the day we’re allowed to hate eachother and we’re allowed to disagree – as long as obviously no one gets hurt or fired or loses out on their civil, and human rights.  But a thought? An opinion?  People having a conversation?   We just have to deal with it and take responsibility for our own feelings and stand true in who we are and what we believe and what we say – Especially when many people have a problem with it.    I WANT to watch debate and people disagree – and I want to feel and see differences – even if those differences hurt me.

Ultimately, I want to say, I hope a Duck rapes you and rips your head off Phil Dynasty and go bang your head against wall, Evander Holyfield you dumb, ignorant fuck bag – But you shouldn’t be fired, and you should be allowed to think whatever dumb ass shit you want.  ( even if you’re wrong J    and I am clearly right. )  ‘MERICA!



PS.  My many grammar mistakes just add to my wonderful rage. I know it’s filled with ’em and I don’t give. a.  fuck.  SO, get into it.